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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 30, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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thank you for joining us here on "risk & reward." "money" starts now,. president's unpopularity weighs on dems as video showing possible election fraud emerges online. sending in the national guard. hawaii brings in the big guns, look at that as lava flows approach. what they are able to do is anyone's guess at this point. we'll do a deep dive. controversial move, college students banned from going to countries impacted by ebola. can they do that? we'll discuss it. things are getting more snug at 30,000 feet as airlines install more and more skinny seats. even when they say it is not it is always about "money"?
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melissa: one day before halloween the dow proving it is not afraid of janet yellen, for now at least. we're firmly in rally mode up more than 200 points on the day. even wall street counting on plastic these days. visa paving way for big gains thanks to a stellar earnings report. third quarter gdp growth adding to optimism, coming in at better than expected 3.5%. here to discuss all of that, charlie gasparino, who is tweeting away as we speak along with spencer ante, cofounder of who we use and dominic tavella from diversified financial. thanks for joining us. what do you think of the rally? >> i think it is good. shows maybe rates were too low for too long and that the market does not have a problem with strong growth. melissa: you think it is fed, do you think it is visa? >> gdp. >> quantitative easing is over. big debate on wall street is when the fed will really raise interest rates. the new gdp number is telling market -- they can. >> they can.
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it is good for the fed to raise rates because the economy is stronger. >> this is all good news. we're focusing on fundamentals. good gdp numbers today. even if you take out the defense spending which was a little high, the number was good. unemployment number was good even though slightly higher. so economic data taking the market. melissa: this is one of the stories i like. amazon and walmart, starting turkey trot. taking dead aim at amazon testing price match policy against online competitors. amazon responding by offering black fridays deals starting this saturday. i we're a long way from black friday. is this a good idea? don't want to get in a fight with amazon, they proving time and again they will be unprofitable. don't go to war with them. >> about first capturing the sale. this is power of internet. unintended consequences it shrinks inflation. makes everything so competitive. melissa: i don't have a problem
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with it. >> they're being innovative. give them a break. melissa: i love shopping at amazon. >> lowest price. melissa: i don't know if they have the lowest price. they are most convenient. you use prime it shows up on your doorstep for free. can't beat that with a stick. makes everybody else crazy competitive. >> great for consumers. >> win-win. talking about losing? melissa: win-win unless they drive margins, because we're all for business and they're driving margins to zero. everyone will go out of business together because amazon is not afraid to make no money. >> you're like one of those ludites that, they shouldn't have cars -- melissa: name-calling? name calling? >> shouldn't have cars because horse and buggy makers will affect margin. might be good for us. melissa: charlie is verifiesty. i will go to him on his breaking news right now. following a very messy divorce on wall street over at jeffries. they're losing clients. >> here is the thing.
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people ask why do we cover the culture of wall street sometimes? it spills over into divorce cases and this guy, sage kelly, the guy led their health care team, one. better health care teams on wall street. melissa: it is not just gossip? that is not why we're doing it? >> he had very messy divorce where his wife made allegations involving foursomes and cocaine use. again allegations he denied. from what we understand, je losing clients, from what we understand people inside the firm they lost as many as five clients. melissa: why? >> one citing morality clause. he did the deals. now here's the thing. we're awaiting spokesman for jeffries. they're not denying it. we're waiting to hear what they have to say. but inside the company they say they have suffered a branding problem with this lawsuit. if you don't believe that, i will only tell you this. melissa: we all know everybody in wall street is doing all kinds of crazy things. >> no, no. >> i will say, this is like a big story and here is why i know
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this is big story. the minute this divorce, the deposition of the divorce was made public, the wife's deposition where she made all the allegations like i said were denied, the minute that became public, some senior executive at major firm, one of the big fives sent it to me, a very senior executive. everybody is reading this. every client is reading this. melissa: was he gloating it was someone's else's pain and embarassment? >> charlie and i, this in the '80s, was commonplace. drugs, sex, really commonplace. this is not normal on wall street. >> how about incontinence? is that normal. melissa: stop. let's move right on. >> not part of the lawsuit by the way. [laughter]. melissa: trying to move on here. delta, united southwest, opting for smaller seats. talking about airplane seats. thinner seats. putting you that much closer to the guy with unsolicited. >> i have incontinence in one of these seats? melissa: please, please.
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charlie, i'm going down the table anyone who is not named charlie. >> this is like, do we need another reason to hate the airlines? i guess we do -- melissa: i was most offended by making seat cushions extra thin. not only narrow, but basically sitting on metal. >> insult to injury if you're willing to pay, they will give you the bigger seat, right? so all about the money. melissa: at the end of the day it is always about money. why don't we all stand on the plane? >> if you want to go to the bathroom they will charge you for that too. melissa: stop. why are we back in the baths room? move on. blackberry, launching throwback classic model, drawing yawns except for me and kim kardashian, come on! you know. isn't too proud to beg for some attention writing open letter saying quote attempting to mimic what is trendy. something to be said for the classic addage, if it ain't broke don't fix it. isn't that exciting? spencer, you're a tech guy. don't you want your tech see
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cosaying if it ain't broke, don't fix it? inspirational. >> just horrible when what he said. i have used to use a blackberry, okay? i tell you, it was broke an they needed to fix it. for him to come out to say if it ain't broke don't fix it is completely untrue and makes him look a little clueless to be honest with you. melissa: yeah. >> park advertising firm is having heart attack as we speak. your brand something we're boring as mud, come to us? that is terrible. melissa: really bad. he also has lost all of his credibility. he says reason why they aren't in stores because they're flying off shelves. i can tell you personal experience gone into store looking for blackberry, they didn't say, oh, we sold out. they said we haven't seen a blackberry in so long. we're supposed to get the passport. i don't know when we will have any in stock. that is from a company going out of business. >> the product being boring is not even out. selling something boring is not available, great strategy. melissa: it will shock dedicated
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guys on my panel. according to new study, 30% of the workers faked illness in order to skip work. i can't believe it. before you go all ferris bueller, be warned, almost a third of managers check to see if you're telling the truth. how do they check to see if you're telling truth? many of them call. what do they call, what are you supposed to sound hoarse. >> talk to my mother? melissa: ask for a doctor. they call, i have eye infection. what does that sound like on the phone. >> we make them sit in the airline seat until they tell us the truth. melissa: that's a good one. >> i'm trying to figure out how to work the sage kelly jeffries story in on this. melissa: no. keep going. 11% say they called in sick because of bad weather. how do you call in sick because of bad weather? >> walk outside in the rain, screw up suit, right? melissa: you always come to work. you never call in. >> sometimes i don't shower. so there. melissa: skip work because they're not sick. would you call an employee sea where the heck are you and
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trying to figure out? would you check up on them? look at twitter account. >> managers in our office have a very flex schedule. have to take morning off for a child they do it. >> looking to whack somebody, you have to show cause when you fire somebody. melissa: how do you prove they weren't sick? i have called and they didn't sound sick on the phone. >> post pictures on facebook. like, oh -- >> i know somebody was essentially ousted from his job. he was in rehab, right? but ousted from his job. he didn't show up to work as he was in rehab and they did call a lot. when he didn't answer and had high-profile job, that is when they pulled the plug. melissa: you get a lawyer to work on that one. >> some kind of family event going on. melissa: thanks, guys. that was interesting and exciting and unusual. before we head anywhere, you're making money today. check out big board right here. the dow is surging right now. we're up 241 points. we're all over the market all show today.
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plus count down to the midterms. check out video that emerged on line. is this evidence of voter fraud? san francisco giant fans celebrating the success yesterday. how a simple celebration reached frightening heights. more money, more markets, watch. coming up. ♪
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melissa: the dow is bounding higher, less than 100 points away from record high, thanks in large part to visa. strong earnings from the company are responsible for 140 points for the rally so far. look at that stock. big day for the bulls. something might be rotten in the state of illinois. republican voters in rockford county, are claiming machine switched their vote. this video allegedly show as gop voter trying to cast a ballot. instead the machine chooses the democratic candidate. following the complaints the machine in question was being pulled for precautionary measures. according to the county clerks office. officials go on to say that voters have nothing to worry become we'll see. less than a week away from midterm elections. the word on wall street is,
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isn't so great for the white house. according to new poll by brokerage firm, 17% of the street approve of president's obama's job performance. here is byron york from the "washington examiner." he is also a fox news contributor along with jared levy from profitable charlie gasparino is back with us as well. byron, maybe it doesn't matter if wall street likes president obama. that is not part of this election, is it? >> it matters during the fund-raising season. wall street has themselves to blame for some of this. they were enormous contributor to the president in 2008. still gave him a lot of money in 2012. for ordinary investors, you should say, that the dow was what, under 7,000 when the obama became president. now it is 17,000. but that being said, the president isn't very popular anywhere. that is the story of this election everywhere you go. he is just not popular anywhere. dierdre: alld.
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melissa: although they would say he is not on the ballad, jared? >> the thing i'm getting from this recent poll the fact, next week if the gop can gain some control, we could see catalyst for a rally. i do think that these sentiments are echoed not just on wall street but across the u.s. and hopefully it trickles down. melissa: why, why do you think that means rally? >> i think it means rally, think about it, right? look at financial sector, energy sector. conservative policies tend to lead or tend to motivate those sectors. eight out of nine sectors would benefit. only one that would benefit from a democratic winner, democratic majority would be health care. melissa: go, charlie. >> i reason i agree with market impact. the reason is important for wall street firms and investors and banks in particular, that is why goldman sachs gave a lot to republicans, much of dodd-frank, 50% of the dodd-frank, the financial reform law is not written yet. that will be written in committee by senate and house now. when that thing gets written, totally like volcker rue, when
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it comes down to the volcker rule which prevents proprietary trading it will be much more expansive. goldman is hoping to be as expansive as possible. from practical standpoint, take out dodd-frank, this means nothing. what the poll that we should be looking at, does wall street support hillary clinton any did a column in the "new york post." she still has a lot of friend on wall street. blackrock, lloyd blankfein. melissa: corporations don't create jobs. that sy amazing. >> they support her. melissa: cosmopolitan magazine will shuttle college voters to polls in north carolina. tough listen to the story. party bus and models obviously included. they looked at 10 races. they endorsed democratic candidates in all 10. had a contest with colleges to see which college they would go to in order to shuttle women, to the polls. they chose the kay hagan race in north carolina. they're bringing buses by with models, party buses, to take women to the polls.
2:17 pm
>> male models. melissa: where they are endorsing democratic candidates. and they say they like the democrats because they're for women's rights. this is cost mow. cosmo, puts half naked women on the cover and inside talks about why it is important to be great in bed. >> "cosmo" tells all. melissa: byron, what do you think? >> this is classified as in-kind contribution to the democratic party but not at all unusual. look at magazines like "vogue," i think i saw that "vogue" is planning another hillary clinton cover. how about that? so, this is not all unusual. also not unusual is that they would pick the north carolina race, extremely tight race. democrats have poured 10 of millions of dollars into that. they hope it is their firewall keeping senate. melissa: charlie gasparino, do you read "cosmo"? >> i used to read "cosmo." anymore i say i will get in trouble. "cosmo" tells all. with what they should tell people -- melissa: that is name of reoccurring article. in case you don't know.
2:18 pm
it is terrifying that charlie knows there is regular column in "cosmo" tells all. that tells all. >> why isn't the front page of cosmopolitan classified as an ad? melissa: no, right, exactly. thanks, guys. the dow is in rally mode up more than 200 points as it near as record high. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. wow, we're climbing higher and higher, nicole. >> pretty amazing with the run we've seen with the dow. clearly outpacing other indices because visa is so heavily weighted in the dow. that being said, it is up 227 points and all the folks out there with 401 confidents and iras, remember the dow 6500 really like it where it is right now? approaching the record highs. talk about weight watchers. want to talk about a mover here. weight watchers, it has been under pressure today. down about 16%, not because of the latest quarter. in fact they pete in the latest quarter, going forward the spending they are going to do, setting up to do analysts think
2:19 pm
that is going to hurt their numbers going forward, 2015 spending they project. that is why the stock is down nearly down 4 1/2, nearly $5. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so. gerber accused of letting down parents. the baby formula maker reeling from claims it has been misleading its customers with health benefits that may have never existed. plus the lava keeps flowing. our next guest joins us live from hawaii as whole communities prepare for the worst. ♪ you ever have too much money? she's still the one for you.
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melissa: hawaii residents are fleeing their homes as a 2,000-degree river of lava closes in on homes. there is apparently nothing
2:23 pm
anyone can do about it. even the national guard just arrived. all they can do is direct traffic. at 30 feet per hour the fiery ooze is moving about as slow as i do on sunday. shows no signs of stopping. i want to bring in mike from the hawaiian volcano observatory. he don't know about lava on main land. i heard a lot of people talking about this the past couple days. to us what are some pretty obvious questions you might think are silly the let me get started. it is moving so slowly, you can't dig a ditch, build a dam. there is nothing you can do? >> there are people trying this. it has been tried in the past. the problem is this lava makes its own topography as it goes. it is not like a river that it has the flat surface. it inflates from within. even if you put up a barrier it will inflate and over top the barrier in very little time. it has done that with some of the little man made berms people
2:24 pm
tried to do on their property. melissa: i would say it is heading towards homes. there is nothing, no fireproof wall or anything you could erect in front of your home to move it along? you say it changes direction it is going? there is nothing you can do to sort of direct it in a different direction? >> it can be deflected by some of the barriers. we've seen that happen with natural barriers. small rock ridges it will come into contact with and be deflected but it will overtop them because of inflation. if you deflect it will go somewhere else. that will impact another person or another community. melissa: yeah, i read it has been on the move since june. when does it stop? >> well, it stops when it wants to. i mean this eruption has been going on at the source vent on the east rift zone from the volcano from the event since 1983. it is same eruption. just we formed a new eruptive location on june 2th that
2:25 pm
directed lava to the east, towards this village of pohoa. there is really no reason this has to stop next few years or decades t could go on for another 30 years. hopefully it will be redirected in some other area by change in the volume can thing activity. melissa: my kids are fascinated by this they want to know why you can't use a backhoe to dig a really big hoe or trench to direct it another direction? why is that a idea? >> there are people digging trench and lava immediately fills it and overtops it. as it goes into the trench it cools and gets puffed up from within. in fact even if you dig a trench many feet deep, won't take that long for lava to get into it, fill it and trench is erased. melissa: mike, thank you so much for your time. we're wishing the best for you and captivated by this story. this is one of those things you nightmares as a child. one of those bizarre natural
2:26 pm
phenomenons. wer watching it from here. we wish you the best. >> thank you very much. melissa: lots of folks in kansas city singing royal blues, sleeping off world series hangover after 3-2 loss to the giants in game 7. the giants winning their third title in five years! that accomplishment, overshadows chaos back in san francisco, come on! violence breaking out as thousands took to the streets in celebration, leaving a police officer hospitalized. two others wounded by gunfire. another man injured in a stabbing begin. fans set fires. they jumped on top of city bus, throwing bottles at police with riot gear on. arrests still mounting on this one. wait to celebrate. keep you posted. freed to fight. former gitmo detainees back on the battlefield but this time it is with isis. plus an elite club becoming less exclusive as number of billionaires doubles since the financial crisis. double the fun indeed. "piles of money," big piles, coming up. ♪
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melissa: out of the big house and back onto the battlefield. sources tell fox news that former guantanamo bay detainees may be the late rest militants fighting in the middle east. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. this is what so many feared. >> reporter: well, absolutely, melissa. in fact, fox news has learned, as you mentioned, the u.s. intelligence and defense community suspect as many as 20-30 former detainees have joined forces with isis inside syria. many of the hardest core fighters who have been released in recent years, cementing fears that the u.s. military is once again end countering militants -- encountering militants released from gitmo. according to former defense officials, the intelligence offers a mixed picture. some of the formerdetainees are fighting with isis, some are on
2:31 pm
the ground in syria, and some of the former detainees have chosen to help these groups from outside the country, financing operations and supporting the propaganda campaign. in fact, recent videos of western hostages beheaded by isis showed them wearing orange jump suits resembling outfits worn by gitmo prisoners. there are now 149 prisoners held at guantanamo bay, almost 90 from yemen alone. of the 620 detainees released from guantanamo bay during the bush and obama administrations, u.s. defense officials estimate 180 have returned or are suspected to have returned to the fight. the former u.s. ambassador to iraq from 2010-2012, james jeffrey, says he would not recommend releasing more gitmo detainees. >> these people are very ideologically and, essentially, religiously committed to their evil cause, and it is very hard to sort out who we're going to stay at home and who are going to return to the battlefield.
2:32 pm
>> reporter: officials say many of the former detainees who have joined isis and other al-qaeda-linked groups were originally released to six countries in europe and north africa. they were deemed too dangerous to be released to their native countries. the countries who agreed to receive the detainees lost track of them, and now many are appearing back on the battlefield. there are 80 detainees eligible for transfer from guantanamo bay, melissa. melissa: jennifer, thank you so much for that report. colonel peters, is this surprising, or is this the way it goes in war with return enemies? >> in war you don't return your enemies. we didn't release nazi prisoners or japanese prisoners until the war was over. and it's certainly not surprising that when we were idiotic enough to release these hard core terrorists that, no,
2:33 pm
we've confirmed that at least a third, approximately a third of them have gone back to active terrorism which tells me there are probably a high or number we haven't -- higher number we haven't confirmed. beyond this, melissa, it's not just about the ones we've released from guantanamo, although they're the hardest of the hard core, we've also just -- instead of putting them in guantanamo, we've released quite a number in iraq before we left. in afghanistan we've turned hard core terrorists over to the afghan government which promptly released them. so it's not a matter of dozens or even hundreds, we've unleashed thousands of these guys who were in our hands, and now they are going to kill americans. melissa: okay. meanwhile, isis still trying to grow its caliphate, but the cost of it is acquired territories are adding up fast, reports out that the terrorist group cannot keep up with all its new finances. byron, let me go to you on this
2:34 pm
one. the cost of doing business is pretty high. i mean, when they look at just paying their fighters, they're looking at $360 million a year, 30,000 fighters, they have to pay them about a thousand dollars a month. can they afford to stay in business even though they have so much oil riches? >> well, yes, they can. in addition to being a violent terrorist group, they're also kind of an international criminal conspiracy. anytime they take over a place, and we've heard of them taking over town after town after town in iraq, they steal everything that's there. that's one way to add to their assets. they also have oil revenue, and they've made a tremendous amount of ransom money, the united states has not paid up for that and has seen a few american hostages executed. but they have a lot, a lot of money. and we are seeing, i think, really dismaying signs that they are spreading, perhaps, territorially. we've seen a warning to businesses in morocco that isis could be there and could be a problem. we see increased recruiting
2:35 pm
efforts on their part. they appear to be still on the growth end of the curve. melissa: colonel peters, this show's called "money," and that's why we're focused on that part of it and just looking at the idea that the territory they overtook in iraq, it cost iraq about $2 billion a year to run that territory. do you think they have that kind of money? >> i don't think they need that kind of money. but they'll probably get it anyway. they have enormously wealthy contributors still in saudi arabia and the gulf states. there are a lot of people in the middle east and beyond who believe in the islamic state cause. but beyond that, they're not paying, you know, they're not paying billions of dollars of food stamps. they're not -- if they're short of funds for the troops, the troops don't get paid. and the hard core terrorists, we refuse to understand that these people are true believers. they will fight on if they're starving, if they're sick and if they're dying. we still pretend, this liberal myth that, well, if we cut off
2:36 pm
their funds, they'll quit. no. they are on a mission from their god to kill you and me. melissa: in the meantime, isis is actively recruiting young fighters in iraq, further integrating the army into the local population. they've set up a recruitment booth at mosul university, and they stand there and talk to the kids, and some of the kids are saying we can be heroes, we can have a salary and a gun. that's what they're telling them as they come up to booth. byron, surprising? effective? not surprising? >> not surprising at all if they can do it in min minneapolis, ty can certainly do it in mosul. i think you should also add the intimidation factor here. when isis moves into a place, they kill a lot of people, and the message goes out pretty quickly, go along or be killed. melissa: yeah. >> that's a big recruitment aid. melissa: and it's reported that a lot of participants are
2:37 pm
taking -- parents are taking their kids out of school. one child recruit said i thought i could be a hero and help my family with the money, but my father says i have to have a job one day and finish my school. it seems obvious. colonel peters, i'll give you the last word. >> yeah. child soldiers are terrifying. armed children -- and the terrorists know just what they're doing. they're not only getting cadets for the next generation of fighters, but these kids have no sense of their mortality, no sense of your mortality, of right or wrong. you come up to a roadblock manned by kids, you don't know if they'll want cigarettes or kill you without asking questions. they're not skilled like navy seals, but they will kill. melissa: that's terrifying. gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thank you. melissa: the faa's new rule on drones near stadiums could result in some jail time. and forget isolation, maine's favorite nurse sticks it to that lousy quarantine and hits the town, still insisting
2:38 pm
her rights are being violated. i don't get it, who wouldn't want to hang out at home for a but weeks? what's so bad about that? at the end of the day, it's all about money, i guess. ♪ ♪
2:39 pm
♪ ♪ melissa: i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief. the billionaire club keeps growing. the number of global
2:40 pm
billionaires has doubled to more than 1600 since the financial crisis. that compares to less than 800 billionaires in the world in 2009. good for them. anyone flying a drone near a stadium could find themselves in jail? that is according to a new rule by the faa. drones cannot be within three miles of a sports game between an hour before and an hour after the event. take note. and america's favorite seafood the target of a food scandal, with a third of the country's supply mislabeled or combined with mystery meat. ooh! almost half of the shrimp was also found to be misrepresented by wild or organic. well, i mean, there you go. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. so,as my personal financial psychic,
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i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances.
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no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. melissa: quick market recap right now, the dow still up over 200 points on the day, not far from a record high. we last saw it on september 19th, 17,279 is this the record. visa's earnings alone boosted the index. we're off the high of session, but what a day for the bulls. one company is cashing in on the spread of the ebola virus, lakeland industries. the company announced it has sold one million hazmat suits with additional orders for hoods and foot coverings and gloves,
2:43 pm
lakeland is on track to double its production capacity due to high demand. wow. forget giving it the old college try. the university of north carolina chapel hill is banning students from traveling to west africa countries hit hardest by the ebola virus. here now is dr. jorge rodriguez along with attorney mike gottlieb. i want the legal angle on this one. can they ban students from going to west africa? if you go, are you kicked out of school? can you do that? >> well, a university is a private organization, and whether it's state-funded or not, they have the right to restrict the activities of their students, so i think they probably can tell students not to go to a foreign country where they may get a communicable disease and then brick that disease back -- bring that disease back to the campus. it's for the protection of the students on campus. melissa: dr. rodriguez, is it reasonable? >> i think right now it's a little bit of fear. i mean, way too much fear, but, you know what? in the future, who knows?
2:44 pm
it may have been a very reasonable action. right now i think it's a little bit extreme. melissa: they say faculty and staff have to obtain approval from the dean and provost before they can go. is that fair, mike? >> well, you know, what they're doing is creating at least a screening process to see where the people are going, who they're going to be in contact with, and i think that's important. i guess what they're trying to do is see if people are going to be in contact with the ebola virus, and then they can take precautions or prohibit them from going, so i do think that's fair. melissa: meanwhile, it looks like a great day for a bike ride in maine. nurse kaci hickox leaving her house despite a quarantine order. she's really taken this one to the hoop, you know? she sees the media out front, she wants to talk to everybody, it's almost like she wants her 15 minutes. i don't get this story. dr. rodriguez, what do you think about this one? is she being reasonable? is she creating an unsafe environment in maine? what's your medical opinion? >> my medical opinion is she
2:45 pm
probably is not contagious, however, it's fact that i even say "probably" that tells me and everybody else that she should just abide by the law and go, you know, and be quarantined. she needs to set an example now. i was very much in her favor, you know, what chris christie did, i thought, was super extreme. but right now, you know, she needs to, like, be aware of what the public may respond, how the public may respond. so she needs to just go in there and just follow the quarantine, for god sakes. melissa: i love the details on what happened in new jersey when she was quarantined as more and more come out. she said she was starved and mistreated, that sort of thing. governor christie said she was provided with takeout food from the best restaurants in newark. if you know newark, it's not necessarily the nicest place. so then it turns out what they gave her was kentucky fried chicken. no shame on kentucky fried chicken, but that's the best food in newark. the response was we offered her portuguese food, but she
2:46 pm
preferred the chicken. have her rights been violated by kfc? [laughter] >> kfc is finger-licking good, but here's the deal. her rights, have they been violated? yes. but it's for the public good. let's understand, she's a nurse. she just came back from west africa, he was working with ebola patients. she's in the highest risk category of somebody to have ebola, and she's in the incubation period just like the doctor said. she probably doesn't have it, but because we have to use that word, we suspect she might. so for three weeks to stay in your home, it's a de minimis intrusion into her public life. melissa: mike, i understand we're waiting for an order from the courts. do you think we'll get that order, mike? >> i think we all hope that we'll get that order, and -- melissa: legally, do you think? >> yes, i think we'll get that order. it's a de minimis intrusion. melissa: joining us now, liz claman here to preview what she's got coming up in the midst of this huge rally i'm
2:47 pm
handingoff to you and -- handing off to you and taking credit for. liz: breaking news on mcdonald's, they're changing their management structure. we are watching mcd very closely, a lot of you own it. you guys were just talking about ebola, well, what would the hospital of record here in the united states really think about the way that nurse is behaving? the cleveland clinic, first on fox business, we've got dr. toby cosgrove who is the president and ceo of the cleveland clinic. do you know how many of his employees were near one of the nurses who got ebola? wait until you hear how they handled it and how he his the rest of the nation d he thinks the rest of the nation should. plus, guess what? it's lebron's first night in cleveland, so we're going to ask him because his doctors are the team doctors, what it's like for the business of cleveland and the business of the cavaliers as
2:48 pm
lebron turns to the court home tonight right there in my sort of send hometown, as you know, i absolutely love it. and just as risk is back on, you see the numbers, the dow charging ahead by more than 220 pointings s. now i defense the best offense? why would that be just as we see a new appreciation for risk? coming up, we have two top analysts, christopher serk and charles behello, both of them have all these ideas about how you can best be invested just in case that volatility returns. melissa: liz, thank you so much. all right, so this is a really big story that broke a short time ago that got a lot of people's attention. that baby on the front of the package may be cute, but this sure isn't. the u.s. is suing gerber for false advertising regarding its baby formula. is anything sacred? dr. jorge rodriguez is back with his medical opinion on this.
2:49 pm
gerber good start, this is -- i mean, i have small kids, so i've just gotten out of the formula period not too long ago. this is human. tons of mom use -- this is huge. tons of mom use this particular formula. it's made with whey protein instead of cow's milk protein, and as a result it was easier to digest, it didn't aggravate allergies. when they were pressed on it, they said, apparently, it reduces the risk of baby eczema. i don't know what the connection would be between what protein you're eating and whether or not enough eczema. they're battling back, gerber, and saying we're defending our position because we believe we continue to meet all legal requirements to make this product claim. what's your gut on this one? >> well, my gut is that i side with the ftc. you cannot really take a company that has a vested interest in, you know, selling a product and profits to be completely objective about their data. so in my medical information, whey protein, protein, any of those can create an allergic
2:50 pm
reaction, so i give this one to the ftc. they're here to police our health for nutrition -- melissa: and we're looking at shares of nestle, dr. rodriguez, thank you so much for giving us your opinion on that one. finally, real life will look more like the jetsons. we're going to give you a peek at the world's first flying car. i love it! plus, the app i wish i had when i was in college for finding the best after party? you can never have too much "money." ♪ ♪ how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price,
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♪ ♪ melissa: time for a little fun with spare change. just because the club is about to close doesn't mean the night's over. a new app called kick on allows
2:54 pm
people to search for the closest bash via gps. kick on founder charles stewart joins us now. you know, in my day the after party always got shut down. it seems like you're telling the police where to go, no? >> it's a way for people to be able to discover exclusive parties around them and to empower their social lives and discover things. melissa: how are you going to make money? >> we have a longer term characterization strategy, but there's no advertise, you get on there -- melissa: what's your long-term plan? you just said we have a plan to not make any money. it sounds fun, but do you advertise? >> we're asking our users at the moment getting feedback from them is what do they want to discover, what sort of paid events do they want to discover, bands, deejays, comedians -- melissa: promotional tool. >> exactly right. melissa: all right, very cool. you have $400,000 worth of
2:55 pm
funding from private investors all around the world. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. melissa: markets up on the day. we're going to take a look at how you could be making money today to, and bethany is back with a new product. at the end of the day, it's all about "money." ♪ ♪ how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades --
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ♪ the 12 we are winding down the trading day. you are making money. we are up 173 as we head into the last hour of trading here. bethany frankel getting into a new business. joining me now fox founder. thank you to both of you for joining us. bethany frankel.
2:59 pm
everything is great. >> i do not know about that. she is going back to the show that made her the real housewives of new york. because bethany has been so open about her messy divorce, doing things like wearing her daughters. these pajamas, she is starting to lose her big core demo. i am not sure if going back to reality tv is the right thing. twelve teams like maybe she is going back to her for. >> they sold millions of these things.
3:00 pm
>> i do not know if it will add to her brand. countdown with liz claman starts right now. liz: take a look at the dow. higher. we are less than 100 points away from the all time record close. this is the leader for the dow 30. the most famous athlete on the planet. king james. taking on the new york knicks. th


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